Exhibition on Leonardo da Vinci opens Hanoi Railway Station

NDO – The Italian Embassy in Hanoi opened an exhibition on Leonardo da Vinci, as part of activities to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci (1519-2019), at the Hanoi Railway Station, on December 6.


The one-month exhibition at the initiative of Italian diplomat Stefano Baldi showcases 14 panels with content introducing Leonardo da Vinci’s life through his activities in painting, sculpture, architecture, engineering, anatomy, botany, music and literature.

According to the Italian Ambassador Antonio Alessandro, the Italian Embassy decided to choose Hanoi Railway Station as the venue for the exhibition of life, artwork and inventions of genius Leonardo da Vinci. Because the station is crowded with people, people are waiting for the train, so it is a good opportunity for us to introduce the people of Hanoi in particular, the Vietnamese people in general to learn about the genius Leonardo da Vinci, the pride of Italy, he added.

Meanwhile, Director of Hanoi railway branch Nguyen Huu Thanh expressed his delight when the Hanoi Railway Station was selected as the venue to organise the exhibition. He also said that Hanoi Raiway Station is always ready to coordinate with the Italian Embassy to organise activities on introducing and promoting Italian culture, contributing to strengthening the friendship between the two countries.

Leonardo da Vinci, whose life has been a constant source of myth-making, is considered a visionary genius – a painter, scientist, engineer and inventor.

He is considered to be the most almighty genius and one of the smartest people in human history with research and creativity on a wide range of topics, greatly contributing to the development of knowledge, art and technology.

In addition, Vietnam Post launched two commemorative stamps to commemorate Leonardo da Vinci. These are stamps that depict the “Lady with an Ermine” and “The Last Supper” works.