The exhibition is designed to showcase the wealth, variety, and distinctiveness of Vietnam’s traditional musical instruments from its diverse ethnic groups. Its purpose is to celebrate and honor the country’s cultural identities, as well as promote art forms that have been recognized by UNESCO as world cultural heritages. One specific focus of the exhibition is the ‘Don Ca Tai Tu’ art form.

The exhibition is organized in collaboration between the Museum of the Cultures of Vietnam’s Ethnic Groups (MCVE) and the Vietnam Culture and Arts Exhibition Centre.

The event will showcase a diverse selection of traditional musical instruments from various regions. These include the ethnic groups residing in the high mountains and northern valleys of Vietnam’s northeast and northwest regions, the ethnic groups in the Northern Delta and Northern midland regions, the ethnic groups in the Central Coast region, the ethnic groups in the central region and the Central Highlands region, and the ethnic groups in the Southern region.

Here are a few examples of traditional Vietnamese musical instruments:

The exhibition also features a dedicated section showcasing traditional musical instruments from various provinces and cities. Within this content, the organizers have thoughtfully curated a display of 100 documentary images as well as engaging slide shows that introduce Vietnamese ethnic musical instruments. Additionally, the exhibition includes captivating images capturing the skilled artisans and talented performers of these ethnic musical instruments.

The online exhibition will be held from April 9 to May 30 on the following website addresses: and