The programme seeks initiatives and solutions for contemporary architecture issues with a focus on Vietnam, a developing country experiencing rapid urbanization and high potential for technological advancements. Despite these opportunities, challenges such as limited green spaces and overloaded facilities and infrastructure impact the sustainability of cities. To address this, the Architecture and Design Linkage Program (ALP) serves as a platform to support national development and connection within the architecture and design community. The ALP 2021-2022 programme emphasizes six criteria for improved living spaces, including safety, health, convenience, smartness, sustainability, and sublimity. By seeking proposals for future living spaces in Vietnam, the programme aims to gradually address architectural design and construction issues. Notably, the ALP 2021-2022 programme features research projects such as ‘House in the suburbs’, ‘Zu – Space 0 – Towards restructuring existing urban space’, ‘Solution for public space in high-rise residential areas’, ‘Artificial Intelligence: From Architecture to Life’, and ‘Mid-rise housing in Vietnam’.