The contest seeks to foster solidarity and friendship among the member states of Southeast Asia, and to encourage female businesswomen to make a significant contribution to the social and economic development of the entire region.

Launched six months ago, all contestants have taken part in an array of activities, including a photo tour of popular tourist attractions and a visit to Agent Orange (AO)/ dioxin victims and impoverished children.

During the final night on March 31st, they will engage in a talent show, costume competition, and Q&A segment.

Nuttanan Naree, Miss ASEAN Friendship 2017, will join Vietnamese celebrities to serve as esteemed members of the judging panel on the evening of March 31. Nuttanan is honored to be part of such a prestigious event and is looking forward to a fun and exciting night.

This year marks the inaugural edition of the pageant, organized by the Da Nang administration in conjunction with the Da Nang Union of Friendship Organizations and embassies from Southeast Asian nations.