Aab-e-Rawan Brings Joy and Fulfillment to Srinagar Hospitals with Ramzan Initiative for the Underprivileged

Aab-e-Rawan, a non-governmental organisation based in Srinagar, is demonstrating kindness and compassion by providing assistance to the needy in the Srinagar hospitals in central Kashmir during the month of Ramzan.

ANI Photo | Spreading hope and happiness: Aab-e-Rawan launches Ramzan initiative to serve needy in Srinagar hospitals
ANI Photo | Spreading hope and happiness: Aab-e-Rawan launches Ramzan initiative to serve needy in Srinagar hospitals

As a gesture of kindness and humanity, the Srinagar-based non-government organization, Aab-e-Rawan, has made it a mission to help the needy in the central Kashmir’s Srinagar hospitals during the month of Ramzan. Through this mission, the organization is providing nutritious food and necessary medical items to those in need, in order to ensure their well-being during this holy month. Furthermore, they are also providing free ambulance services to patients and families who are unable to reach hospitals due to the lack of transportation. This noble effort has been immensely appreciated by the local community, who are grateful for the initiative taken by Aab-e-Rawan.

The organization is providing nutritious meals to people during Sehri and Iftar in hospitals including Shri Maharaja Hari Singh, commonly known as SMHS Hospital or Hedwun Hospital and Super Speciality Hospital. Moreover, the group is providing essential Ramdhan kits to underprivileged families in Srinagar.


Notably, Ramzan is a holy month of intense prayer and fasting for Muslims, which commemorates the revelation of the Quran to Islam’s Prophet Muhammad. During this period, meals are not taken during daylight hours, though food and drink are served before dawn and after sunset. It is typically a time for prayer, charity, community gatherings and spending quality time with family.

This initiative was launched on the first day of the month of Ramzan. Our teams have been visiting both hospitals during the day to collect data about patients and their attendants, and then the information is being managed accordingly,” said Khalid Bukhari, the founder of this organization.

After collecting data in hospitals, our teams worked late into the night to cook and package meals to distribute among the needy. In doing so, we were able to show our solidarity with those families during these difficult times, he said.

“This year, during the pandemic, we decided to serve iftar and sehri meals to those who are stranded in the city due to the lockdown.”

Bukhari and his team are dedicatedly providing Iftar and Sehri meals every day to more than 1500 people from various backgrounds at two hospitals. “For the past three years, we have been delivering meals to patients and their attendants,” he stated. “This year, during the pandemic, we decided to extend our services and offer Iftar and Sehri meals to those who were stranded in the city due to the lockdown.”

He further said that the Sehri meal consists of rice with vegetables, pulses, and chicken on alternate days, while the Iftar packet consists of bananas, a water bottle, dates, and juice packets. The volunteers arrive several hours before the Iftar time to take care of all the necessary arrangements.

Khalid said that many volunteers are working with his organization and they are dedicated to serving the people in the future as well. They are working hard for the betterment of the less fortunate sections of society. “Mostly people are helping out in this noble endeavor. We are just coordinators and it is one of the best services during the sacred month of Ramadan,” he added.

Bukhari further said that hospitals have no such arrangements for community iftar. “We have started this initiative, and we hope that more people will join this noble cause in the future,” he added.

He said, “We are continuing to do this throughout the month of Ramadan and will continue to do so. On Eid, we will be celebrating at Abhinandan Home (Modern English School) in Solina, Srinagar. We invite specially-abled children to share their wishes, and then we will do our best to make them come true.”

Tarah Nguyen