3 nước châu Âu không công nhận hộ chiếu mẫu mới: Các công ty du lịch Việt Nam lo lắng - Ảnh 1.

Vietnamese tourists tour Europe before the time of the COVID-19 epidemic – Photo: NGUYEN MINH

On the morning of August 2, the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Hanoi sent a notice about stopping the recognition of the new passport model of Vietnam.

This is a new blue-purple model passport issued by Vietnam from July 1, 2022, but was assessed by some European countries as not meeting the technical standards of ICAO parameters.

“The Czech Republic agrees with other member countries of the European Union (EU) and stops recognizing the new passport model. The decision takes effect from this moment,” The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Hanoi announced.

After Germany and Spain, the fact that the Czech Republic does not recognize the new passport model of Vietnam has made it difficult for travel companies to bring Vietnamese tourists here.

Ms. Nguyen Nguyet Van Khanh – deputy director of Vietravel’s marketing department – said that on average, for each tour group going to Europe through the unit, 10-20% of customers have changed to using a new model passport.

With a tour to Europe, Vietnamese tourists often choose countries in the Schengen area including 6 countries: France, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy.

Therefore, these new announcements cause significant disruption to the business of bringing tours to Europe, especially with upcoming tours that have to change schedules without going to Germany, and recently Spain or the Czech Republic.

In case the Schengen visa is not allowed to enter these countries, the business advises tourists to have a departure schedule as well as prepare to go to Europe with many different options. In it, navigating and adjusting the tour schedule does not go through Germany, or to Spain.

The second is to assist travelers who need to change their itinerary to a more suitable destination without the hassle of a new passport.

“So far, Switzerland and France are still destinations included in the tour itinerary of Vietnamese businesses. They have not yet announced a new passport of Vietnam, so just don’t go through Germany and Spain. If you have to fly to Germany, Vietravel will advise you to receive guests with old model passports”, Ms. Khanh informed.

3 nước châu Âu không công nhận hộ chiếu mẫu mới: Các công ty du lịch Việt Nam lo lắng - Ảnh 2.

Vietnamese visitors to France and Switzerland can still use Vietnam’s new model passports – Photo: N.Q.

With this information, tourists who have registered for the European tour through the airline will still depart according to the scheduled schedule, but still have to limit the audience according to updated information from the consulates and embassies of countries in Vietnam.

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Toan – General Director of Images Travel, specializing in the European market – is also worried about losing customers to this market in the near future because customers with new passports will no longer be interested.

“Fortunately so far, our delegations all use old passports. Even in the case of guests using new passports, businesses can also adjust the program, avoiding countries that do not recognize the new passport model with no additional costs, but there is a fear of coming to this market,” said Mr. Toan.

Currently, travel businesses are still in the process of updating information continuously from notes and notices about using new Vietnamese passports to travel in European countries. Travel businesses encourage guests to keep the old passport form if planning to travel to Europe.

Destinations are still departing and are popular with tourists and currently accept 2 types of passports such as France, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, and Nordic countries.

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