Journalist Jaroslav Picka is someone who loves Vietnam very much, and has been for many years been a sincere and very close friend to the Vietnamese community in the Czech Republic through his practical activities to support them in integrating into society.

The exhibition brings a lot of rich and vivid information to help Czech people better understand the country and people of Vietnam through more than 60 photos from the archives of the Czech entomologist, taken between 1986 to 2008 during his 26 visits to Vietnam.

Jaroslav Picka shared: "In 1986, when I first set foot in Vietnam, I was extremely surprised by the natural landscape, the country, and people. It was that simple and familiar life that made me love Vietnam. Through the photo exhibition, I want to introduce the image of Vietnam with its traditional culture and friendly, gentle and benevolent people.”.

At the opening ceremony, the 87-year-old journalist presented a photo story about the life and natural landscapes of regions in Vietnam such as Hanoi, Ha Long, Nha Trang, and Ho Chi Minh City. It highlights the biodiversity and richness of flora and fauna ecosystems and the many endemic species that he and his colleagues discovered and studied. In particular, he also shared about many unforgettable memories during his visits to Vietnam.

Through the photo exhibition, not only Czechs but also Vietnamese, born and raised in the Czech Republic, will have the opportunity to understand more about the country and people of Vietnam.

The documents, experiences and feelings of journalist Jaroslav Picka on Vietnam are extremely valuable and respectful. His photos will leave a good impression of the image of Vietnam in the eyes of the Czech people as well as amongst the Vietnamese community here.

The exhibition runs until September 17.