The land and people of Vietnam through the perspective of Czech journalist Jaroslav Picka are on display at a photo exhibition in Rakovník, a central city of the Czech Republic on June 23.

Landscapes and daily life of Vietnamese people in various regions are depicted in more than 60 photographs at the exhibition. They were picked from thousands of pictures snapped by the Czech journalist during 26 trips to the Southeast Asian country between 1986 and 2006.

Veteran journalist Jaroslav Picka, left, introduces his photos to visitors. Photo: VNA

Jaroslav Picka said that when he first arrived in Vietnam in 1986, he was impressed by the natural sceneries and people of the country, which sparked his love for its land and people.

Through the exhibition, he hopes to spread the image of Vietnam with long-standing cultural tradition, friendly and kind people, Picka said at the exhibition’s opening.

Through his photographs, the 87-year-old photographer provided visitors with insights into Vietnam’s landscapes from north to south, as well as the country’s biodiversity.

Švandová Martina, a Rakovník resident, told Vietnam News Agency that she views Vietnam as a very beautiful country with hardworking and friendly people thanks to these photos.

Vu Hong Hanh, a Vietnamese college student in Prague, revealed: “I’ve learned a lot about my native country thanks to the show. I hope that more exhibitions like this will be held in various locations throughout the Czech Republic so that the young Vietnamese generation may learn more about their birthplace and themselves.”

The veteran journalist has also wholeheartedly supported the Vietnamese expats in the Czech Republic for many years, helping them to better settle down in the European country.

The exhibition will stay open until September 17.