According PR Newswire, Gari Nguyen is the Founder & CEO of GARI Content Agency, working with some partnership such as Shopee, Accor Hotels and TukTuk Thai Bistro. At 17, Gari already published her first book. After 5 years embarking on the writing career, Gari sold an impressive number of over 200,000 copies of her first 8 books, while her social media platforms achieved over 370,000 followers. Gari Nguyen’s best-sellers books are “Keep smiling on, don’t worry about it”, “What growing-up takes away from us”, and “Once lived once loved”.

On why the company invested in Gari’s latest title, Song’s CEO – Ms. Nguyen Thi Nguyet Nga commented: “With Gari’s outstanding achievement as one of the Top 3 Vietnamese writers with the largest audience on Social Bakers, alongside acclaimed author Nguyen Nhat Anh and famous writer Trang Ha, I have no doubt that her “Life is Short – Don’t Cry – Put Your Lipstick On” will become another motivational reference for the audience. Gari dares to live and love, with an abundance of optimism, no matter what challenges and obstacles thrown at her. That is precisely the attitude and spirit that we at Song seek after, and strive to inspire our readers with through this book.”

“Life is Short – Don’t Cry – Put Your Lipstick On” is not dedicated only to women but to anybody who has a burning desire to search for the beauty from within. The “universal truths” in this book empower the audience to learn self-love and have a good relationship with themselves, especially if ones have been knocked down in life, or question the path that they have chosen. Through her works, Gari endeavors to spread the positivity that inspires the young Vietnamese to find their motivation, set their own goals, have their plans realized, as well as to practice resilience, self-discipline and choose happiness.

Finally, if you are searching for a new way of choosing what book to read next, Lo Luyen Yeu Tinh will be a good choice.

Source: PR Newswire