Hanoi Audience Mesmerised by BlackPink’s See Tinh Dance Performance

The award-winning K-pop girl group BlackPink was met with thunderous applause at their latest show for their performance featuring traditional Vietnamese conical hats, speaking the language and performing the See Tinh dance.


The inaugural performance of the Born Pink World Tour’s Hanoi concert was held on the evening of July 29th. Taking place at My Dinh Stadium, the event attracted an audience of 30,000 enthusiastic individuals. The iconic lightsticks of BlackPink transformed the national stadium into a vibrant pink spectacle. Throughout the two-hour concert, the crowd exuberantly cheered, creating an electrifying atmosphere.

The band commenced their performance at My Dinh Stadium in Vietnam at 7:50 pm, marking their inaugural show in the country.

How You Like That was performed as an opening act, setting the stage ablaze. The mesmerizing performance was followed by captivating renditions of Whistle and Pretty Strange, featuring impressive vocal skills and energetic choreography.

 My Dinh National Stadium is packed with 30,000 spectators. Photo: Ngo Minh/The Hanoi Times

The South Korean idols greeted their fans with Vietnamese salutations, “Xin chao,” before performing their songs “Lovesick Girl” and “Don’t Know What to Do.”

During the dance challenge, My Dinh Stadium was converted into a grand stage where enthusiastic fans joyfully danced along to the infectious melodies of BlackPink. Following a brief intermission, the group triumphantly returned to the stage, enthralling the crowd with a performance of their chart-topping anthem, “Kill This Love,” enhanced by mesmerizing fireworks effects.

Rose’s rap during the song Playing with Fire was very well received by the fans. The members called out, “Shout it out!” in Vietnamese and the fans responded quickly.

During the band’s performance of “Pink Venom,” the title track from their latest album, numerous fans enthusiastically joined in and sang along.

The concert at My Dinh Stadium showcased a selection of remixed songs, curated to infuse the event with a fresh and exciting atmosphere. This performance is a significant highlight of a global tour that commenced in the latter months of the previous year.

 Korean idols wear the conical hats of Vietnam. Photo: Ngo Minh/The Hanoi Times

During the event, the band successfully captivated the audience’s emotions by performing an energetic dance routine to “See Tinh” (See Love), a chart-topping track by renowned Vietnamese pop sensation Hoang Thuy Linh. This particular song has gained immense popularity on various Asian social media platforms, inspiring countless individuals worldwide to join in on the dance craze.

The production concluded with the female performers bidding farewell to the audience in Hanoi, adorned in traditional conical hats and capturing the customary group photograph with the attendees.

Ngoc Han, the winner of Miss Vietnam 2010, graced the event as one of the esteemed spectators. Sharing her excitement, she expressed that it was her inaugural experience attending such a grand concert.

“I am thoroughly delighted and filled with joy as the show was impeccable. The spirited performance by the talented members of BlackPink further added to my satisfaction,” she expressed.

Ngoc Han eagerly anticipates that this show will pave the way for Vietnam to become a sought-after hub for international bands and artists. Her aspiration is for Vietnamese fans to no longer have to venture overseas in order to revel in the live music performances of their beloved international idols, but rather to relish in these experiences right from the comfort of their own homeland.

Despite the inclement weather, the concert began with a downpour. However, the majority of the audience deemed the experience worthwhile as they were treated to a captivating and memorable performance.

 Miss Vietnam 2010 Ngoc Han joins the show. Photo: The Hanoi Times

BlackPink is concluding their Born Pink World Tour with their first-ever show in Hanoi. This concert marks their final performance in Asia.

The Born Pink tour has achieved remarkable success, grossing an impressive $163.8 million prior to its Hanoi leg. This phenomenal achievement is further highlighted by the sale of over 900,000 tickets. By exceeding the previous record set by the Spice Girls ($78.2 million), Born Pink’s tour now holds the distinction of being the highest-grossing girl group tour ever.

The Born Pink World Tour Hanoi recently arrived in Hanoi, overcoming a few challenges regarding ticket prices, song list, and song copyright. Despite these obstacles, Vu Thu Ha, the vice chairwoman of the Hanoi People’s Committee, has officially confirmed that the shows will proceed as scheduled.

According to an official announcement, the committee has issued an order to various departments, agencies, the municipal police, and the capital’s High Command to create a comprehensive security plan for the upcoming event. The committee has also requested relevant units to enhance communication efforts for international cultural events, in order to showcase Vietnam as a welcoming and hospitable destination, capable of successfully hosting political, cultural, sports, and international events.