The event is being held in Salerno, Perugia, and Naples by contemporary dance agencies including Campania Danza, Borderline Danza, Dance Gallery, Campano Della Danza, and Artgarage. There will be over 20 shows in total.

Arabesque Vietnam will be performing for five nights, starting from July 21. The performances will feature Kliselamef (Female Silk), choreographed by Nguyen Tan Loc, and Melting, choreographed by Lim SunYoung.

Kliselamef is a work dedicated to Vietnamese women, inspired by the old Vietnamese quote “Thân em như tấm lụa đào” (A woman’s body is as soft as silk) and images of ancient women, said choreographer Nguyen Tan Loc.

Using silk Ao Dai designed by Kieu Viet Lien, Loc aims to blend the softness of Vietnamese silk and dance movements to promote the country’s symbol.

The music for Kliselamef is also a highlight of the performance, with contributions from musician Ton That An who composed the piece using Vietnamese traditional instruments like the moon lute and European ones like the cello, according to Loc.

Arabesque has worked with choreographer Lim SunYoung for over two years to develop Melting, which is suitable for indoor and outdoor performances.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic and geographical distance, the team at Arabesque has worked diligently with musicians and choreographers to bring out the story behind each work.

Claudio Malangone, founder of Borderline Danza, praised Arabesque Vietnam for their great ability and professionalism demonstrated through their performances over the years. Borderline Danza has previously collaborated with Arabesque Vietnam in the Ho Chi Minh International Dance Festival (2013-2018) and the Women Made 2022 project in Italy and Vietnam.

The festival will also feature performances by renowned dancers such as Carolyn Carlson, Ambra Senatore, and Marco D’Agostin.

In addition to the performances, the festival offers outdoor performances at museums and national art galleries, as well as workshops and forums on dance.

The International Contemporary Dance Festival in 2013 and 2016 was organized by Arabesque Vietnam and the Ho Chi Minh City Opera House.