Located in north-west Vietnam, at an altitude of 1,600m above sea level, Mount Fansipan is one of the places where snow and ice appears the most in Vietnam.

According to the The National Centre for Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting, the snow will continue to fall for some more days. 
The Mount Fansipan is blanketed with around 60-centimeter-thick snows. At the moment, the temperature is minor three degree Celsius.
From tonight, the rainfall is predicted to decrease rapidly, but the temperature in the northern mountainous provinces will remains cold, with snowfall.
This is the first time for the year, the snow has fallen in the mountain that is considered as the ‘rooftop of Indochina’. The last snow occurred in December, 21 last year. 
Frost and snow have made Mount Fansipan look like a postcard of winter in a western country.
The province would see some strong cold snaps in this year’s winter, so that more snowfall is expected.    
In addition, on February 8, the cold snap made temperatures in the neighbouring province of Lao Cai drop sharply. Heavy rain also occurs in some communes such as Trinh Tuong and Trung Leng Ho (Bat Xat district), Lung Phinh (Bac Ha district). 
Snow, ice, and sleet will likely blanket the mountainous district of Sa Pa, thus making the stunning landscapes as reminiscent of Europe.