Supermarket bringing happiness to those in need during COVID-19 outbreak

The arrival of a chain of “free” supermarkets called Happiness is one of only a few positive moves during the COVID-19 pandemic, providing necessities to people in need.


According to the supermarket’s management board, the total value of each purchase is around VND100,000. Registration procedures for those eligible are quick and simple. They need only present their ID cards and provide certain information before being able to pick up what they require.

People visiting a Happiness supermarket must strictly adhere to physical distancing measures, and the supermarket has security staff on hand. The supermarket chain is now operating in eight localities nationwide and will continue to operate until the COVID-19 pandemic ends.

To ensure operations proceed smoothly, the supermarket has also taken the initiative in stabilizing the supply of goods and has called on other organizations and individuals around the country to join in this meaningful charity programme./.