Young Employee Wins $4.3 Million from Consumer Product Company

This summer, Ro Mah The, a 16-year-old from Ia K'la commune in the Duc Co district of Gia Lai, rose to become the 9th millionaire under the auspices of the "Tear off the label, win big prize right away" program. His winning was made possible by his consumption of Number 1 Energy Drink.


After an extensive search lasting over a week, the organizers of the “Tear off the label, win big prize right away” campaign have finally reached the lucky participant with the code EGSQKMCJB, who has won the 9th millionaire prize of VND 100 million.

The winner, Ro Mah The, is a 16-year-old J’rai from Ia K’la commune, Duc Co district, Gia Lai province. He works as a waiter at the Linh Trung Night Market in Binh Chieu Ward, Thu Duc City.

Teenager Won VND 100 Million While Enjoying Number 1 Energy Drink at Work
Ro Mah The at the noodle shop where he works at the Linh Trung Night Market, Thu Duc City.

In an interview with the Organizing Committee, Ro Mah The shared that his parents were farmers and his younger sister was in grade 5. He dropped out of school and has been working as a waiter at a noodle shop owned by a relative near his house in Thu Duc City for more than a year now.

The noodle shop where Ro Mah The works is located in the Linh Trung Night Market and operates from 5 pm till the next morning, serving merchants, workers, and truck drivers at the Night Market.

“I don’t have to spend money on food as I eat at the noodle shop. The shop owner keeps my salary and gives it to me once a year when I visit my family. This way, I can give the money to them,” he said with innocence and honesty.

Teenager Won VND 100 Million While Enjoying Number 1 Energy Drink at Work
Before Ro Mah The, eight other lucky individuals had won the Millionaire prize while enjoying Number 1 products. The picture shows the first three customers who won the prize this summer.

When asked about his luck in winning the VND 100 million prize, Ro Mah The said, “As a night waiter, I sometimes feel very sleepy. To stay awake, I drink a bottle of Number 1. That day, after finishing my bottle, a customer came to eat vermicelli and suggested that I tear off the bottle label and send a message to the hotline to see if I could be lucky enough to win a phone card. I followed his instructions and won a prize of VND 10,000.”

“After that, I continued ripping off the label whenever I drank Number 1 Energy Drink, hoping to win a phone card again, but I was not successful. My phone ran out of money, so I did not contact anyone,” he said. “Perhaps that is why it took the organizers a week to contact me.”

Ro Mah The revealed that he has not yet informed his family about the prize because he did not believe that he had won. “When I heard over the phone that I had won VND 100 million from the program, I was afraid it might be a trick. My family has never had such a large amount of money. Even in our dreams, we could not dare to think so. I have never held a few million in my pocket. 100 million is too big for me and my family, so I am afraid,” honestly confessed Ro Mah The.

“I will send all the money to my parents to pay off debt, start a business, and take care of my sister. I will also ask my parents to buy me a motorbike so that I can travel from home to work,” concluded the young man, adding, “Of course, if I really get the money!”

Teenager Won VND 100 Million While Enjoying Number 1 Energy Drink at Work
Number 1’s annual summer promotion always attracts a large number of consumers from all walks of life.

In addition to Ro Mah The, eight other lucky participants from Hung Yen, Nam Dinh, Thanh Hoa, Nghe An, and Gia Lai have won the millionaire prize of VND 100 million in Number 1’s “Tear off the label, win big prize right away” program this summer.

Notably, the program is still trying to contact the luckiest person this summer, who won the billionaire prize worth VND 1 billion by consuming Number 1 Energy Drink.

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