VUFO President Sets New Emulation Goals for 2023

"In 2023, Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations (VUFO) aims to improve the effectiveness of people-to-people diplomacy activities to achieve the country's socio-economic development goals," said VUFO President Nguyen Phuong Nga at a meeting with officers and staff at the beginning of the Lunar New Year 2023 on January 27, in Hanoi.


According to President Nguyen Phuong Nga, VUFO’s 2023 emulation movement will focus on the following areas:

Propagating and teaching about the patriotic thought of President Ho Chi Minh; guidelines of the Party, policies and laws of the State on emulation and commendation work to all party members, civil servants and employees in order to promote a sense of self-discipline and responsibility in deploying emulation movements, creating consensus and synergies, enhancing the strength of the whole system to successfully carry out the political tasks of VUFO.

VUFO President Sets New Emulation Goals for 2023
President of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations Nguyen Phuong Nga. (Photo: Thoi Dai)

Continuing to respond to and effectively implement emulation movements, especially key emulation movements launched by the Prime Minister and emulation movements organized by the Central Committee for Emulation and Commendation and the Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front.

Improving political and ideological education, promoting learning and following Ho Chi Minh’s ideology, morality, and style as well as preventing and avoiding the deterioration of political ideology, morality, and living style. Forcing the fight against corruption, negativity, and wastefulness. Carrying out the responsibility of setting an example of key leaders and heads of agencies and units.

VUFO President Sets New Emulation Goals for 2023
VUFO officials and employees receive lucky money in the early spring (Photo: Thoi Dai).

Continuing to teach the Resolution of the 13th Party Congress, Directive No. 12, Directive No. 38, and other guidelines of the Party and the State on foreign affairs and people-to-people diplomacy, creating changes in perception and awareness of the role, position, importance, and tasks of the people-to-people diplomacy work in the new situation. Innovating in terms of content and operation methods, completing on schedule with good quality the working plan for 2023 of each department and unit in all fields of peace, solidarity, friendship, and foreign non-governmental activities, external information, mobilizing overseas Vietnamese, building and developing the Union. Planning the strategic orientations for VUFO until 2030.

Consolidating the organization, officers, and staff heading towards leanness, efficiency, and professionalism; strengthening the training courses for staff engaged in external affairs. Striving for 100% of employees to strictly observe discipline, internal rules, and working regulations of the Union and of the department and unit; strictly following public service ethics and office culture. Renovating the evaluation of employees, completing the amendment and supplement of the regulations on emulation and commendation, and creating an atmosphere of exciting emulation to successfully complete the tasks in the whole Union and each department and unit.

VUFO President Sets New Emulation Goals for 2023
VUFO’s leaders and employees take souvenir photos on the occasion of the beginning of the Lunar New Year 2023 (Photo: Thoi Dai).

President Nguyen Phuong Nga believes that VUFO’s employees will promote the good traditions of the previous generations, be proactive, positive, dynamic, and creative, and strive to complete outstanding tasks, building a strong Union system, being the core force of people-to-people diplomacy, a pillar of comprehensive and modern Vietnamese diplomacy. Thereby, actively contributing to implementing the Party and State’s foreign policy and constructing and defending the Fatherland.

On the occasion of welcoming the Lunar New Year 2023, President Nguyen Phuong Nga wished all officers, staff, and their families a happy and successful new year.

Tracy Dao