Vietnam Triumphs in “Phygital Basketball” Championship at The International Games of Future

On February 27, Thang Long Warriors, the Vietnamese team, emerged as the victor in the phygital basketball competition at the Games of the Future 2024, held in Kazan, the Russian Federation. They proudly represented Vietnam and showcased their exceptional skills on the court.


On February 27, the Thang Long Warriors defeated Libertadores Phygital from Venezuela with a final score of 35-31, becoming the champions of the tournament. This was their first time participating in this new format tournament.

According to VNA, phygital basketball is a combination of a digital section, where athletes play NBA 2K – a basketball simulation video game, and a physical part, where they compete in a traditional 2v2 basketball match. The team with the higher score after two games is declared the winner.

Thang Long Warriors celebrate their victory at the Games of the Future 2024 (Photo: Thang Long Warriors).

In the NBA 2K round, Vietnamese players Nguyen Anh Hao and Pham Nhat Thai Quang took an early lead of 5-0, which stretched to 12-3 before finishing at 20-8 against Libertadores Phygital.

However, in the traditional 2v2 basketball match, Venezuelan players initially dominated the game. They were ahead at 14-4 and later at 23-13, which narrowed the aggregate score to 33-31. However, during a free throw opportunity, the Thang Long Warriors successfully scored, making the final score 35-31 in favor of the Vietnamese side. The Libertadores Phygital team lost in the end.

“We are extremely happy and proud to be crowned champions of this tournament that has such a unique format. We would like to express our gratitude to the managers of the club, VIRESA (Vietnam Recreational and Electronic Sports Association), and our dedicated fans who supported us throughout the event. We truly appreciate all the support and opportunities given to us, which ultimately led to our victory,” said Thai Quang of the Thang Long Warriors.

The Games of the Future 2024, a pinnacle event in the world of phygital sports, combines both physical and digital skills and will continue until March 3. Over 2,000 athletes have showcased their exceptional abilities across 21 disciplines, including battles of robots, Dota 2, Warface, phygital skateboarding, phygital hockey, phygital football, cybathletics, and indoor cycling.

Fanasy Nguyen Le