For the first time, Vancouver played host to a stellar roster of over 100 talented chefs at the World Championship of Chinese Cuisine (WCCC). This international culinary event challenged participants to create two dishes across three categories: cold, hot, and dim sum, all within a tight time frame.
Judges evaluated the dishes based on taste, presentation, creativity, and preparation. The opening and closing ceremonies were well-attended by over 400 dignitaries from politics, culture, and media, underscoring the event’s significance within the industry.

Dodie Hung, Executive Vice President – Corporate Affairs (front, first left), Simon Wu, President – Americas of Lee Kum Kee (front, fifth left), and the Lee Kum Kee team celebrate with the winning teams from the Chinese Culinary Institute of Hong Kong.

Dodie Hung, Executive Vice President – Corporate Affairs of Lee Kum Kee, shared, “We at Lee Kum Kee are dedicated to promoting Chinese culinary culture globally, fostering a community united by a love for authentic Asian flavors and exceptional dining experiences. By supporting chefs worldwide and events like the WCCC, we aim to nurture culinary passion and talent.”

Simon Wu, President – Americas of Lee Kum Kee, added, “The Championship is a remarkable gathering of talented chefs from across the globe, offering a unique platform to showcase their skills, creativity, and passion. It was inspiring to see the chefs masterfully use Lee Kum Kee sauces to enhance the flavors of Chinese cuisine with their own original twist. Our sauces have always been a trusted tool for chefs to express their creativity, and their innovative dishes continue to inspire us.”

Chefs showcase their skills by crafting delicious dishes with the authentic flavors of Lee Kum Kee sauces.

In addition to providing the sauces and condiments for the competition, Lee Kum Kee welcomed visitors to its booth, offering a glimpse into their diverse product range. Visitors received goodie bags with selected sauces and recipes, bringing the tastes of Asia to their homes. Local culinary students also seized the opportunity to observe the competition and visit the Lee Kum Kee booth, gaining valuable insights into the brand.

Established in 1992 by the World Federation of Chinese Catering Industry, the WCCC, often dubbed the “Olympics of Chinese cuisine,” has gained international acclaim for elevating the skills of Chinese chefs and fostering cultural exchange. The 9th edition of the WCCC was organized in collaboration with the Canada Catering Association.

Lee Kum Kee has been a proud supporter of the WCCC, serving as the condiment sponsor for the 6th edition in Beijing and the 8th edition in Rotterdam.

About Lee Kum Kee

Lee Kum Kee was founded in 1888 when Lee Kum Sheung crafted his signature oyster sauce in Nanshui, Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, China. With a rich history spanning over 135 years, Lee Kum Kee has become a household name and a symbol of quality and trust worldwide. Today, the company offers an extensive range of over 300 sauces and condiments in more than 100 countries and regions.

About the World Championship of Chinese Cuisine

Organized by the World Federation of Chinese Catering Industry every four years, the World Championship of Chinese Cuisine is a prestigious event celebrating fine culinary skills and Chinese gastronomic culture. Since its inception in 1992, the competition has taken place in Shanghai, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, Guangzhou, Beijing, Singapore, and Rotterdam, earning its reputation as the “Olympics of Chinese cuisine.”

Lee Kum Kee
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