Tet Festival 2024 Showcases the Distinctiveness of Vietnamese Culture and Cuisine

The 2024 Vietnamese Tet (Lunar New Year) Festival showcases a diverse range of cultural, culinary, and commercial activities that are quintessentially Vietnamese, attracting both locals and tourists alike.


The Department of Tourism in Ho Chi Minh City, in collaboration with the Vietnam Cuisine Culture Association (VCCA), organized the Tet Festival at Le Van Tam Park in District 1, as reported by VNA.

The four-day festival showcases various activities that celebrate Vietnamese culture, cuisine, and Tet rituals. Festival-goers can immerse themselves in the traditional values of Tet.

Culinary artists present Vietnamese Tet feasts. Photo: hochiminhcity.gov.vn

In addition to traditional and contemporary art programs, the festival includes various national Tet rituals. It also features over 150 booths showcasing Vietnamese products and specialties from different localities across Vietnam.

The Vietnamese Tet Festival 2024 also pays tribute to the cultural and culinary values of Vietnam. At the main gate of the festival, three traditional Vietnamese houses have been restored and decorated with ancestral altars and Tet feasts from the three regions, showcasing 121 dishes prepared by artisans. Moreover, residents and visitors have the opportunity to savor feasts prepared by units recommended by the Michelin culinary guide.

Within the festival, product linking activities are organized to cater to the Tet shopping needs of people from different regions. The festival also focuses on sharing love and care for people in difficult circumstances and orphaned children.

These meaningful activities contribute to building the Vietnamese Tet Festival as an annual tourism-cultural event, making it a vibrant, appealing, and exciting destination that further strengthens Ho Chi Minh City’s tourism brand.

Tet rituals are staged at the festival. Photo: VNA

In particular, the 2024 Vietnamese Tet Festival focuses on the criteria of “Green Energy – Green Cuisine – Green Tourism.” There are more than 50 booths showcasing Vietnamese products, and there’s a New Year market with nearly 100 booths that introduce a variety of Tet specialties from all regions of the country.

Nhat Ky, Chairman of the VCCA, stated that the festival, held annually in Ho Chi Minh City during Tet, has become an event that the city’s tourism industry can leverage to promote the traditional cultural elements of Tet and help businesses showcase their products and services.

The festival also serves as a platform to showcase the distinctiveness and diversity of Vietnamese culinary culture to international friends, thus elevating Vietnamese cuisine on the global stage.

Festival-goers shop at the festival. Photo: hochiminhcity.gov.vn
Hannah Nguyen