The restaurant also offers a selection of bilingual books in Vietnamese and French/English. This project, a joint initiative between YouTube channel Viet Happiness Station and the General Association of Vietnamese in Belgium (GAVB), aims to set up bookcases in Vietnamese restaurants.

With over 300 book titles covering various genres, the bookcase has captured the interest of Vietnamese individuals from different generations, sparking meaningful discussions among them.

Le Van Vong, a 75-year-old patron, expressed how these books have helped him and others who have lived abroad for many years to reinforce their Vietnamese language skills and expand their knowledge. Moreover, he emphasized that the project has also fostered closer connections among people.

Kieu Bich Huong, the brains behind this project, revealed that there are future activities planned to further engage Vietnamese culture enthusiasts. These activities will allow individuals to borrow books and partake in exchanges with Vietnamese writers and poets.

The Hanoi Station bookcase is the second one to be established under this project. The first bookcase was set up at Pho Sure restaurant in Ostende city, with support from organizations such as Kim Dong Publishing House, Phu Nu (Women) Publishing House, Dong A Books JSC, the GAVB, the Vietnamese Embassy in Belgium, and various individuals.