Discover the Charm of Hanoi with Foreigner-Friendly City Walk Tours

Tired of being stuck in traffic and struggling your way through the streets of Hanoi? No problem - creative and fun walking tours are now making it easier than ever to explore the city on foot!


1. Friend of Vietnam Heritage (FVH)

Foreigner-Friendly Hanoi City Walk Tours You Must Try
Foreign tourists talking to the local guide from FVH (Photo: FVH).

Friend of Vietnam Heritage (FVH) is a Hanoi-based social organization that has been offering city walks for over 20 years. These walks, available in English and Japanese, take visitors to both famous landmarks and hidden gems in Hanoi. Many of these locations are difficult to access without the guidance of FVH due to their placement in small and elusive alleys or lack of popularity among foreigners. The team at FVH consists of a mix of expats and locals, all dedicated to preserving and promoting local cultures. The walks are thoughtfully designed to provide a comprehensive tour of the city and an immersive experience of the local lifestyle. In the hot summer heat, FVH even adjusts their routes to ensure visitors can visit historic pagodas under the shade and enjoy famous Vietnamese iced coffee to stay cool.

If you are a history enthusiast looking to connect with like-minded locals, FVH offers an ideal day tour. In addition to city walks, FVH also organizes workshops and excursions to explore the traditional heritage of Vietnam. These activities provide an opportunity to spend a day observing artisans creating beautiful handicrafts and engage in conversations about history and culture. FVH’s latest series, “People of Old Quarter,” is particularly noteworthy as it allows visitors to share a cozy meal with a local family, fostering conversations about history and culture.

2. Easypeasy Vietnamesy Travel (EPV)

Easypeasy Vietnamesy, a well-known organization among the expat community in Hanoi, offers a city tour in Ba Dinh district for history lovers. Ba Dinh district, formerly known as the “French Quarter,” features a concentration of French-styled villas and government buildings from the time when Hanoi was the capital of French Indochina. This walking tour covers famous landmarks such as Da Dinh square and Ho Chi Minh Museum, as well as the intriguing site of the “B52 Lake,” where an American aircraft crashed in 1972.

Foreigner-Friendly Hanoi City Walk Tours You Must Try
The guide will show you the “B52 Lake” in the center of Ba Dinh district, where an American aircraft crashed in 1972 (Photo: Nhan Dan).

In addition to the history and culture tour, EPV invites foodies to join their “Taste of Vietnam” tour. This culinary experience allows participants to try crispy Vietnamese pancakes, seasonal fruits, and local beers while immersing themselves in the vibrant local food scene.

3. ‘River’s trace – city’s soul’ trip

Foreigner-Friendly Hanoi City Walk Tours You Must Try
Local guide Nguyen Vu Hai (Photo: Nguyen Vu Hai’s website)

“Ha” in “Ha Noi” means river, but the city’s river culture is often overlooked by tourists. The ‘River’s trace – city’s soul’ trip provides an opportunity to explore the ancient Hanoi through an intimate exchange with local people. Your tour guide, Nguyen Vu Hai, a Hanoi native, will take you on a journey following the traces of the To Lich river, which was filled up during the French period. Hai’s expertise on the rivers of Hanoi allows him to share stories about the city’s unique riverside community and describe the transformation of urban patterns and lifestyle. This immersive tour offers visitors a new perspective on the city.

4. Hanoi E.Buddies

Foreigner-Friendly Hanoi City Walk Tours You Must Try
The student guide (second from right) and three tourists from the USA and Malaysia (Photo: Hanoi E.Buddies).

The Hanoi E.Buddies city walk is a fun-filled and interesting option, and it’s free of charge. This customizable tour allows visitors to plan their ideal route and have a friendly “buddy” as their guide. The “buddies” are enthusiastic students who want to interact with foreigners while showcasing the city’s interesting sites. They are well-prepared and happy to answer questions and fulfill requests. Through this exchange, visitors can create a deeper and more authentic connection with the locals.

“Hanoi e.Buddies, you made me love Hanoi. I booked a free full-day city tour, and I thought there is never a free thing. But I was wrong… My buddy is super knowledgeable and friendly, a true buddy! Absolutely highly recommend!!! I can’t ever forget my trip in Vietnam thanks to Hanoi e.buddies!” said an American tourist in their feedback on Hanoi E.Buddies’ website.

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