19-Year-Old Student Creates Winning Logo for Vietnam-Singapore 50 Year Anniversary

University student Le Thanh Hong was filled with joy after coming out as the winner of the logo design contest as part of the celebration of Vietnam and Singapore's 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations. The respective contest was held at the Chemical Engineering, Singapore Polytechnic School, Singapore.


Envoy of Friendship

A logo featuring the Vietnamese lotus and Singaporean orchid has garnered interest at the 50th anniversary celebration of diplomatic relations and 10th anniversary of strategic partnership between Vietnam and Singapore, held in Vietnam in 2023. The logo, designed by Le Thanh Hong and worn by the Singaporean Ambassador to Vietnam Jaya Ratnam, was the winner of a contest organized by the Vietnamese Student Association in Singapore and the Singapore Global Network. It was supported by the Vietnamese Embassy to Singapore, the Singapore Embassy to Vietnam, Viet Nam Union of Friendship Organizations, and Vietnam – Singapore Friendship Association.

19-year-old Student Wins Logo Design Contest for Vietnam-Singapore 50 Years of Relations
Le Thanh Hong with the logo she designed.

Le Thanh Hong, the winner of the logo design contest, expressed her surprise and delight at winning the first prize. She dedicated a significant amount of time to perfecting the logo, aiming to strike a balance between aesthetics and the importance of the event. The logo symbolizes the friendship and diplomatic cooperation between Vietnam and Singapore, incorporating elements that represent each country’s culture and heritage. Pink and purple, which are the colors of the lotus and Vanda Miss Joaquim orchid, were used alongside the red, white, and yellow from both countries’ flags. Hong is proud to have contributed to Vietnam-Singapore relations.

Connect friendship through practical activities

Hong mentioned that she chose to study in Singapore due to the similarities between Vietnamese and Singaporean cultures. Singapore’s friendly and kind environment made it easy for her to integrate into the community. The country’s practical learning environment and attractive job opportunities for graduates also played a role in her decision. Furthermore, Hong has been actively involved in various programs and events that promote Vietnamese language and culture, such as the “Let’s Learn Vietnamese! – Tieng Viet Oi” program and the annual “Dream of Studying Abroad” event.

19-year-old Student Wins Logo Design Contest for Vietnam-Singapore 50 Years of Relations
Le Thanh Hong (center, front row) with friends from the Vietnamese Student Association in Singapore during Tet.

In her ongoing efforts to strengthen the friendship between Vietnam and Singapore, Hong actively participates in extracurricular activities, cultural exchange events, and sharing knowledge about her homeland and Vietnamese culture in Singapore.

Valerie Mai