With the permission of the house owner, Graffiti artist Le Long has turned the entire outer wall of a villa (in Van Phu urban area, Ha Dong) with an area of more than 300m2 into an unique mural with the theme of COVID-19 pandemic prevention

 Photos: Le Long

The idea of the Graffiti paiting flashed into Long’s mind by the end of March 2020 and he made it come true within a month when the whole country was fighting against the pandemic and applying social distancing

About 500 – 600 paint bottles and paint sprays with all colors, even cranes have been used by Long and his colleagues in the creation process. According to Luu Thi Minh Chau, the owner of the villa, the artist spent 8-18 hours drawing every day.

The villa attracts many curious and excited passers-by looking at the images of SARS-CoV-2 viruses and meaningful messages “Stay strong – Let’s stay home” transformed through the Graffiti style.

Other than this famous work, Long’s team also performed a series of graffiti art with Covid-19 theme at many places around Hanoi such as Lam Ha Street (Long Bien), in Quan Ganh (Thuong Tin), Mau Luong (Ha Dong), Trinh Dinh Cuu street (Hoang Mai)…

The painting calls everybody to wear facemask.
In this painting, Long emphasized the importance of vaccine in the prevention of Covid-19 outbreak.

 Most of the works are painted on people’s houses wall in crowded streets. 

With these project, Le Long and his group members want to change people’s impression of Graffiti art, from the prejudice of being just the “doodle” to understanding it as an art form able to deliver message of humanistic meaning. In addition, these Graffiti works appeal to the solidarity and responsibility of each individual in the prevention and control of Covid-19

Moreover, with the aim of sharing with the country in this difficult time, artists across the country have had many art projects contributing to propagating people to implement the regulations on Covid-19 prevention and control.

 The painting quote: No mass gatherings to reduce your risks of Covid-19 infection.
 The painting quote: Joining in the fight against Covid-19 is to protect yourself, your family and community.
 The painting quote: Entire people take initiative in implementing measures to prevent and fight against Covid-19 pandemic.