Thousands gather along the streets of Dien Bien Phu city to witness the military parade.

Citizens proudly wave flags as the armed forces march past.

As the parade concludes, the armed forces bid farewell to the city and return to their respective units.

Local residents form deep connections with the armed forces and militia, making their departure emotional.

The militia shares a special bond with the community.

A female military officer struggles to hold back her emotions as the parade comes to an end.

Heartfelt and emotional farewell waves from the crowd.

The armed forces are overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and love from the local community.

The sincere emotions and support from the locals will forever be cherished by the armed forces.

A heart-wrenching moment as a military medical officer waves goodbye, unable to hold back her tears.

The armed forces hope to return to Dien Bien for future special occasions and anniversaries.