The Tac Ka Coong Festival commences with a vibrant opening ceremony held on the morning of May 16th in A Luoi Square.
A collaborative effort, the festival sees artists unite to reenact the traditions of the Co Tu ethnic group.
The festival is a celebration of rich cultural heritage, featuring main rituals such as Choh co, Tong Ti ri, Chuot Ti ri, and the Tac Ka Coong offering ceremony.
The Co Tu people present their offerings with reverence during the festival.
Elders of the village, artisans from Hong Ha and Lam Dot communes, and the A Luoi district’s mass art troupe come together to perform the sacred rituals.
The ceremony begins with the erection of the Neu pole, a symbol of the festival, in the village’s sacred ground.
The villagers offer prayers for the Neu pole’s strength and stability, ensuring its endurance throughout the festival’s rituals, including the buffalo binding ceremony.
The Tac Ka Coong Festival attracts locals and tourists alike, all eager to immerse themselves in the vibrant cultural celebration.
The villagers express their gratitude to the gods for the peaceful and prosperous life bestowed upon the Co Tu ethnic group through a heartfelt ritual.
Prayers are offered to the gods, beseeching continued protection, good health, luck, prosperity, peace, and happiness for the Co Tu people and their children.
The festival is brought to life with the rhythmic beats of gongs and drums, filling the air with an energetic and joyous atmosphere.
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