The Splendor of Ha Tinh’s Sea and Islands Week

The Sea and Islands Week is currently gracing the central province of Ha Tinh with a vibrant array of activities. This celebration promises to immerse attendees in a captivating journey, showcasing the essence of the sea and the allure of island life. With a carefully curated program, this week-long festival invites you to explore, experience, and embrace the unique charm of coastal culture and the treasures it holds.


In alignment with the 2024 Vietnam Sea and Islands Week and World Oceans Day, a beach clean-up event themed “Youth taking action for a plastic-free ocean” was initiated on May 19 at Thien Cam beach, Ha Tinh province.

The week-long event aims to educate people about the critical role of the sea and islands in national construction and defense, while also emphasizing the immense value that the ocean holds for human life.

A beach cleaning campaign was launched with the enthusiastic participation of over 250 volunteers, reflecting a collective effort to protect our marine environment.

The organizing committee presents life-saving equipment to the Thien Cam tourist area management board. Photo: Natural Resources & Environment Newspaper

Phan Quoc Huy, Secretary of the Youth Union of the Vietnam Department of Seas and Islands, addressed the gathering, highlighting the crucial role of residential communities and fishermen in safeguarding the environment, preserving marine life, and fostering sustainable economic development. He also emphasized the importance of collective action to reduce plastic waste in our oceans.

Through this beach cleaning initiative, the organizing committee aims to inspire fishermen and residential communities to take an active role in waste collection, particularly plastic waste. By doing so, we hope to instill environmentally friendly habits and foster a deeper sense of protection for our marine environment.

As part of the event, a trash-for-plant exchange day was held, underscoring the long-term nature of addressing plastic pollution. Huy emphasized the need for effective participation from society, businesses, and international organizations to tackle plastic waste pollution and turn plastic challenges into opportunities through the development of a circular and knowledge-based economy, leveraging high technology. This collective effort contributes to the global mission of protecting our oceans.

During the launch, over 250 union members, young individuals, and other participants joined forces to clean a 3-kilometer stretch of coastline. This meaningful activity will be replicated by the Youth Union of the Vietnam Department of Seas and Islands in coastal provinces nationwide in the near future.

Hannah Nguyen
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