Enhancing the Multi-Faceted Partnership Between Vietnam and Algeria

The Secretary-General of Algeria's esteemed National Liberation Front Party, Abdelkrim Benmbarek, has expressed a keen interest in fostering stronger ties with Vietnam's Communist Party. With a shared vision of progressive ideals and a commitment to strengthening the bond between their nations, Benmbarek aims to enhance cooperation and encourage meaningful exchanges between the two countries. This initiative underscores the FLN Party's dedication to building international relations and promoting a united front with like-minded political organizations.

Vietnamese Party official Lai Xuan Mon and Secretary-General of Algeria’s National Liberation Front (FLN) Party, Abdelkrim Benmbarek, met to discuss bilateral relations and mutual achievements.

Member of the Communist Party of Vietnam’s Central Committee and deputy head of its Commission for Information and Education, Lai Xuan Mon, recently concluded a productive working trip to Algeria from May 14 to 19. During his visit, Mon engaged in insightful discussions with Algerian leaders and officials, highlighting the socio-economic progress and remarkable achievements of Vietnam in recent times.

He expressed his appreciation for Algeria’s accomplishments in nation-building and development, as well as its active role in addressing security and political issues within the region. Mon emphasized the close relationship between Vietnam and Algeria, underscoring the gratitude of the Communist Party of Vietnam, the government, and the people of Vietnam for the Algerian people’s support during the struggle for independence and in the present-day cause of national construction.

The Algerian leaders reciprocated the sentiment, affirming that Vietnam is a trusted friend and partner of their country. They expressed their profound respect for President Ho Chi Minh and General Vo Nguyen Giap, and shared how Vietnam’s Dien Bien Phu Victory has been a source of inspiration for Algeria.

During the meetings, Mon proposed enhancing exchanges and meetings at all levels between the two Parties, with a focus on sharing experiences across various fields. This, he believes, will contribute to the multi-faceted development of cooperation between Vietnam and Algeria.

He also reaffirmed the strong ties between the Communist Party of Vietnam and the FLN, expressing his hope for continued progress in their relations, including increased cooperation and people-to-people exchanges. Mon suggested the signing of a cooperative agreement between the two sides, aiming to establish a solid political foundation for the bilateral relations.

The Chairman of the Algeria-Vietnam Friendship Parliamentarians’ Group, Salah Dieghloul, echoed the sentiment, emphasizing the enduring nature of the Vietnam-Algeria relationship. He agreed to strengthen exchanges and promote parliamentary cooperation, with a mutual commitment to support each other at international forums, thereby elevating the prestige and position of both nations.

Mon and the delegation also engaged in a productive working session with the APS news agency, exchanging insights on foreign service information and media management.

As part of the delegation’s itinerary, they met with officials and staff of the Vietnamese Embassy in Algeria. The Vietnamese Ambassador to Algeria, Tran Quoc Khanh, provided an overview of the Embassy’s operations and highlighted the recent advancements in friendly cooperation between the two countries, particularly in promoting the image of Vietnam and its people.

During his visit to Algeria, Mon also made time to visit the Vietnamese Embassy, the Museum of Revolution, the Vovinam Federation of Algeria, and the International Association of Algerian Revolution Friends. On the occasion of the 134th birth anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh, he paid tribute by offering flowers at the statue of the beloved leader within the Embassy premises and visited Ho Chi Minh Avenue in Algiers.

Rosie Nguyen

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