Lotus-shaped lanterns illuminate the canal, symbolizing Buddha’s seven steps at birth, each one marked by a blossoming lotus.

Lan Anh, a local, writes wishes for peace and happiness on lotus-shaped lanterns for herself, her relatives, and friends before setting them adrift.

Phap Hoa Pagoda buzzes with thousands of people united in celebration and tradition.

A young girl joins the joyous crowd, holding her lantern high in front of the pagoda gate.

As the sun sets around 6:30 p.m. on May 19, the ritual begins. Monks and nuns from the pagoda have crafted thousands of lanterns for this very occasion, generously offering them to all for free.

The lantern ceremony is a heartfelt tradition, organized to pray for peace in the nation, marking the most important festival in the Buddhist calendar—a celebration of the Buddha’s birth.

People gather along the canal, witnessing the magical sight of lanterns glowing on the water.

Since 2006, Phap Hoa Pagoda has hosted this annual lantern ceremony, the largest of its kind in Ho Chi Minh City, honoring Lord Buddha’s birthday.
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