The water tower has a cylindrical shape, 19 metres in diameter, three stories high, has a conical roof, and features a lightning rod in the middle. It has a huge steel water tank with a capacity of 1,250m3, which stands on eight stone walls.
The original structure of the tower has been kept intact, although the 17 windows on the first floor have been sealed.
An exhibition on water installation and the heritage of Hang Dau water tower opens on November 17 as part of the Hanoi Creative Design Festival 2023.
The design team draw inspiration from Asian concepts to transform the water tower into an art installation space.
The space boasts light installations made of recycled materials and a unique water sound system that reproduces the natural sound of water.
The light installation expands the visual image of artifacts which are recycled from urban waste.
The piping system has iron valves which are still intact and covered with dust.
Visitors are expected to enter the site in groups to a maximum of 30 people each, the design team prioritises a serene environment to offer guests an immersive artistic experience.
Water pots are used to create a dynamic sound system. Visitors have the chance to encounter various water sounds that mimic seas, rivers, and rainfall.
The unique art space is expected to highlight the role of water in daily life and raise the awareness of preserving the natural environment.
Locals and tourists have the chance to admire the beauty inside an architectural structure that has been left dormant for decades. The exhibition opens to the public from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day from November 17 to 26.