The kite festival attracts more than 200 members from 20 clubs nationwide.

According to the participants, the kites are mainly made from bamboo and PVC pipes which serves to create sounds like melodious music.

In the afternoon, more people flock to the central square in order to fly kites

Hundreds of kites of all colours, shapes, and sizes are simultaneously hoisted into the air.

Foreign tourists excitedly admire the colourful kites as they flutter in the sky.

The kite flying festival is a healthy playground for young generations who are passionate about all kinds of kite demonstrations to express themselves, improve their skills, and introduce new forms of playing.

Young children enjoy listening to their parents’ instructions on how to fly their kites.

The kite flying festival also aims to respond to the 2024 tourism stimulus programme being held in Ha Long city and is a practical activity in response to Quang Ninh Tourism Week 2024.