At night, the temperature drops to 12, the lowest so far in winter 2023.

Those who go out for work have to wear warm clothes along with a face mask.

As soon as it gets dark, young people have to light fires on the sidewalk to keep warm.

“Well it suddenly turned cold on the weekend. I have invited some of my friends to go shopping and buy some things for a small outside party. It’s truly winter weather, I like it,” says Vu Quang Tu, 20.

Some cafes along Le Duc Tho road even provide fire stoves to keep visitors warm.

Nguyen Hoai Thuong, 19, has invited her friend out for coffee on Saturday night. They have chosen a café with a fire stove to partially dispel the cold.

Many kiosks along Le Duc Tho road light fires to attract visitors on a cold night.

“Though I have put on warm clothes, I still feel very cold, especially when it is late,” says Nguyen Anh Duc, 23.

Many young people enjoy gathering around the fire in the cold weather.

“It’s very cold outside, and without customers I have to close the food cart,” says a vendor.

According to the National Centre for Hydro-meteorological Forecasting, another strong cold air wave is expected to hit the northern region on December 18, resulting in continued low temperatures in the upcoming days.