A Multitude of Activities Abroad to Commemorate the 134th Birthday of President Ho Chi Minh.

On the occasion of President Ho Chi Minh's 134th birthday, the world witnessed a heartwarming tribute to the beloved leader by the Vietnamese community and diplomatic missions abroad. With a plethora of meaningful activities, they came together to honor the life and legacy of Uncle Ho, whose influence and impact continue to be felt across the globe. As people gathered to pay their respects, it served as a powerful reminder of the unity and pride that Ho Chi Minh instilled in the nation, even beyond its borders.


Germany: A Memorable Encounter with Uncle Ho

The Vietnamese Embassy in Germany recounts the story of Le Duc Duong, a Vietnamese expat with the honor of meeting Uncle Ho twice. Ambassador Vu Quang Minh visited Duong’s family in Hoppegarten City, Brandenburg state, to hear his memories.

Le Duc Duong, a former Moritzburg School student, recalls his encounters with Uncle Ho. (Photo: VNA)

Duong shared that the advice and memories of President Ho Chi Minh are forever etched in his mind, guiding him throughout his life in Germany. Meeting Uncle Ho is the greatest honor for any Vietnamese, and Duong was fortunate to experience this joy twice.

The first meeting occurred in August 1955 when Duong visited the Presidential Palace. Uncle Ho offered kind words of encouragement, reminding the students of their duty to help build the country upon their return from Germany. Duong still remembers the life-changing moment.

Two years later, while studying in Saxony, Duong had the opportunity to meet President Ho Chi Minh again during his state visit to the German Democratic Republic. Uncle Ho’s visits to schools, including the Kathe Kollwitz school where Duong studied, left a lasting impression.

President Ho Chi Minh with sailors during his visit to the German Democratic Republic. (Photo: Bundesarchiv Bild)

Duong recalled Uncle Ho’s message to the students, assuring them to study hard and be well-behaved so they could become useful citizens and contribute to nation-building. He also emphasized the importance of discipline and punctuality, qualities the students should emulate from the Germans.

Nearly seven decades later, Duong and his classmates still cherish Uncle Ho’s advice. No matter their profession or position, they hold true to his words. Duong proudly shared that he and his friends have fulfilled Uncle Ho’s teachings by excelling in their studies and careers.

Cuba: Honoring President Ho Chi Minh’s Legacy

On this significant day, the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) and the Vietnamese Embassy in Cuba organized a flower-laying ceremony at the park named after President Ho Chi Minh in La Habana, the capital city. The event commemorated the 129th anniversary of the fall of Cuban National Hero José Martí, who fought for Cuba’s independence.

Flower-laying ceremony at Ho Chi Minh Park in La Habana, Cuba. (Photo: VNA)

Vietnamese Ambassador to Cuba, Le Quang Long, highlighted the remarkable life of President Ho Chi Minh, a national liberation hero, a prominent revolutionary, and a beloved leader of the Vietnamese people. He drew parallels between Ho Chi Minh and José Martí, noting their shared spirit of patriotism and desire for independence and autonomy for their nations.

Vice President of the Cuba-Vietnam Friendship Association, Ruvislei González Sáez, praised President Ho Chi Minh as a man of universal stature and a tireless revolutionary. He affirmed that Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts and legacy are eternal and continue to inspire revolutionaries worldwide.

The ceremony featured performances by primary and secondary school students, who presented songs, poems, and dances celebrating Uncle Ho, the revolutionary cause, and the special solidarity between the Cuban and Vietnamese peoples.

Cambodia: Carrying on Uncle Ho’s Wishes

On May 17, the Party Committee in Cambodia held a solemn incense-offering ceremony to commemorate President Ho Chi Minh at the Vietnamese Embassy in Cambodia. This event expressed their infinite gratitude and deep respect for Uncle Ho’s legacy.

Incense-offering ceremony to honor President Ho Chi Minh in Cambodia. (Photo: VNA)

Vietnamese Ambassador to Cambodia, Nguyen Huy Tang, called on all officials, party members, and the masses of the Party Committee to embody President Ho Chi Minh’s ideology, ethics, and style. He emphasized the importance of learning from Uncle Ho and striving for excellence in all tasks for 2024.

Ambassador Tang urged party units and members to take responsibility for Party building and contribute to the strength and transparency of the Party Committee. He also encouraged Vietnamese businesses in Cambodia to be more proactive and innovative, fostering breakthroughs in bilateral economic cooperation.

Additionally, the Ambassador advised the Vietnamese community in Cambodia to uphold their traditions of solidarity and mutual support. He encouraged them to abide by the laws of their host country while always keeping their homeland close to their hearts. By doing so, they can become solid bridges for the Vietnam-Cambodia relationship.

Ambassador Nguyen Huy Tang concluded that fulfilling these tasks would bring Vietnam closer to Uncle Ho’s vision of rapid and sustainable development, on par with the world’s leading nations.

Valerie Mai

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