The Art of Crafting a Compelling Title: “Helping You Navigate the Document Re-issuance Process: The Vietnamese Embassy in Poland’s Dedicated Support”

On May 17, the Vietnamese Embassy in Poland swiftly leaped into action, offering consular assistance to those affected by the devastating fire at the Marywilska 44 Shopping Center. With efficiency and compassion, the embassy team commenced the process of receiving and expediting the replacement of lost documents. In a remarkable display of promptness, many individuals were able to obtain their new documents within just one hour of submitting their applications.

The Vietnamese Embassy in Poland is dedicated to assisting individuals affected by the fire in reinstating their essential documents.

According to Vietnamese Ambassador to Poland, Ha Hoang Hai, personal identification documents such as passports and civil status papers are of utmost importance. These documents are crucial for individuals to maintain their legal residence status, resume business activities, and gradually rebuild their lives following such devastating losses.

Understanding the challenges faced by those impacted, officers and staff at the Vietnamese Embassy in Poland are going above and beyond to offer their support. The Embassy has maximized its resources, with staff working tirelessly day and night, even on weekends, to facilitate the document reinstatement process.

Despite the high volume of documents being received and processed simultaneously, the Embassy remains committed to expediting the resolution process and returning documents to individuals as swiftly as possible. In just over an hour, many individuals have received their new passports and documents issued by the Vietnamese Embassy in Poland.

The Embassy takes a proactive approach, reaching out to individuals and offering solutions should any issues arise during the document reinstatement process. Their dedication and support provide comfort, encouragement, and reassurance to those affected, including Nguyen Thi Thanh Ha and her family, who have been doing business in Poland for over 25 years, and Pham Duc Tien, whose family lost everything in the fire after years of hard work.

With the assistance of the Vietnamese Embassy in Poland, individuals will be able to continue necessary procedures related to residence cards and banking. The Embassy is also collaborating with local government and authorities to provide further support and help resolve any additional challenges that may arise.

Ambassador Ha Hoang Hai has taken proactive steps by meeting with Liwiusz Laska, the representative of the Polish Ministry of Family, Labor, and Social Policy, Mariusz Frankowski, the governor of Mazowsze, and Zbigniew Derdziuk, the head of the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS). During these meetings, he requested an investigation into the cause of the fire and emphasized the importance of safeguarding the legal rights and interests of Vietnamese citizens affected by this tragedy.

Immediately following the fire on May 12 at the Marywilska 44 Shopping Center in Warsaw, Foreign Minister Bui Thanh Son and leaders of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs instructed the Vietnamese Embassy in Poland to take swift action. Embassy officers were dispatched to the scene, coordinating with local authorities and Vietnamese Associations in Poland to provide support and protection for affected citizens.
Rosie Nguyen

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