The upcoming event will showcase a diverse range of photographs, with up to 160 captivating captures by both amateur and professional lenses. It will display the rich culture of ethnic groups, offering a glimpse into their traditions, religions, and daily lives.

The displayed photos will highlight the beauty of their costumes, festivals, and other unique aspects of their heritage. It will also introduce visitors to the vibrant world of mountainous markets, traditional cuisine, arts, and folk games.

If you’re interested in attending this fascinating exhibition, you can do so virtually by visiting

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Sepulchre Statues in the Central Highlands

Located in the cultural space of the Gongs in the Central Highlands, which was recognized as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity, sepulchre statues are evaluated as unique masterpieces of the art and spiritual culture of the ethnic groups in the area.

Localities heartened by joyous spring festivals

NDO – Numerous locals and visitors flocked to Ky Phu commune, Nho Quan district, Ninh Binh province, on the opening day of the provincial culture and sports festival on February 16.

Joy and pride in international recognition of national heritages

NDO – As the art of xoan singing is soon to be lifted from the UNESCO list of cultural heritage in need of urgent safeguarding, Dr Le Thi Minh Ly from the National Cultural Heritage Centre expressed her joy at the achievements Vietnam has made over the past year in protecting cultural heritages.

Protecting Minority Culture Through Workshop

NDO/VNA – How to protect and bring into play the values of folk culture of ethnic minority groups in Vietnam was discussed at a workshop held at the National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism in Hanoi on December 14.

Decoration art in traditional costume of Red Dao people recognised as national heritage

NDO – The Tuyen Quang provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism in coordination with Na Hang district’s authorities hosted a ceremony on October 12 to receive a certificate honouring the decoration art in traditional costumes of local Red Dao ethnic groups as a national intangible heritage.