Local villagers create paper flowers as offerings to their ancestors. Today, their products have become ornamental items, especially during Tet, the country’s most important traditional festival.

The creation of paper lotus flowers requires the highest level of craftsmanship, with several households in the area capable of producing these intricate products.

The village’s products have been showcased at Hue festivals, Ao Dai festivals, cultural events, and exported to various countries including the United States, France, and Japan.

The price of the paper flowers ranges from VND5,000 for a pair of simple flowers like roses, daisies, and orchids, up to VND20,000 for a lotus. (Photo: Baovanhoa.vn)

Due to the time-consuming, meticulous, and skilled nature of the work, a seasoned craftsman can only produce 15 to 20 paper flowers per day. (Photo: Baovanhoa.vn)

All the steps involved in creating paper flowers are done by hand, making it a time-consuming process. It requires the meticulous skills of artisans to make the flowers appear lifelike. (Photo: Baovanhoa.vn)