This year, the Vietnamese people will celebrate Kitchen Gods’ Day on February 2. On this day, it is customary for Vietnamese families to clean their houses and prepare a tray of traditional offerings as a farewell to the Land Genie and the Kitchen Gods before they depart for Heaven.
From early morning, the local market becomes very crowded as residents flock to buy boiled chickens with roses and golden carp, which are the best-selling foods during these days.
The chickens used for offerings are boiled and decorated with rose branches on their beaks. The price for these offerings ranges from VND450,000 ($18.3) to VND500,000 ($20.4).
The boiled chickens are often served with sticky rice, which is priced from VND30,000 ($1.22) to VND50,000 ($2.04) per portion.

All the food offerings are beautifully decorated with eye-catching flowers.

According to a local resident, despite the high price, she still goes to the market to buy offerings as they are of high quality.
Along with buying directly from the store, many customers also use delivery apps to order the offerings.

Delivery men are also busy during these days, transporting many offerings to customers.

Besides boiled chickens, traders at the market also sell golden carp to meet the increased demand in the capital city.
The price of the fish depends on the type and appearance. Small golden carps cost from VND10,000 ($0.4) to VND25,000 ($1.02), while the price of a big fish ranges from VND30,000 ($1.22) to VND35,000 ($1.42).