25 Films and Dramas: A Cinematic Journey at the Japanese Film Festival

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Japanese cinema with our diverse collection of movies spanning multiple genres. From the heartwarming humor of comedy and family dramas to the thrilling adventures of crime and anime, we've got something for every taste. Explore the rich cultural tapestry of Japan through documentaries, or let your imagination run wild with sci-fi and musical extravaganzas. With so much to offer, get ready to experience the very best of Japanese storytelling!


The Japan Foundation is proud to present the largest international Japanese Film Festival (JFF) to date, taking place this June. With a diverse range of 23 films across various genres in the first two weeks, followed by two captivating TV drama series in the subsequent weeks, this festival promises to be a cinematic journey like no other.

Audiences from 27 countries/regions will be able to stream these movies for free, with captions available in up to 16 languages. The Japan Foundation aims to provide a unique and captivating glimpse into Japan, its rich culture, and its people through this festival.

There is something for everyone, with categories including comedy, horror, family-friendly films, drama, food-centric stories, LGBTQ+ representation, romance, and the ever-popular anime.

In Vietnam, the festival will run from June 5 at 10:00 a.m. to July 3 at 10:00 a.m., consisting of two distinct periods. The first, from June 5 to 19, will showcase the diverse range of films, while the second period, from June 19 to July 3, will focus on the TV series. All movies and TV series will be accessible with English and Vietnamese subtitles.

A glimpse at some of the captivating films that will be featured during the Japanese Film Festival this year.

Registration is simple and free! Just create an account on the streaming site https://watch.jff.jpf.go.jp/page/jffonline2024/ and ensure you have a stable local internet connection. With these two easy steps, you’ll be all set to enjoy the festival from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere you choose, during the specified periods.

One of the highlights of the festival is Single8, a coming-of-age story set in the 1970s. It follows the journey of Hiroshi (played by Uemura Yu), a high school student obsessed with Star Wars. Determined to create his own sci-fi masterpiece, he enlists the help of his movie-loving friends. Together, they build a fake spaceship and film their adventures with an 8mm camera. However, they soon realize that a great movie is about more than just special effects, and they embark on a journey of storytelling and self-discovery.

The film is directed by Konaka Kazuya, known for his work on the popular Japanese sci-fi TV series Ultraman. Single8 is a semi-autobiographical tale, inspired by Konaka’s own youth and his passion for filmmaking in the 1970s.

The Handsome Suite, a delightful fantasy romantic comedy, is one of the TV dramas that will charm audiences during the Japanese Film Festival.

Speaking of charming, the festival will also feature the TV drama The Handsome Suit. This fantasy romantic comedy, with a unique 1980s pop sensibility, tells the story of Takuro (played by Tsukaji Muga), a kind-hearted restaurant owner who lacks confidence in his appearance. When the beautiful Hiroko enters his life, he is smitten but rejected. However, a magical suit transforms his life, and he discovers the true meaning of attraction and self-worth.

First launched in 2016, the Japanese Film Festival has grown from strength to strength, initially sharing Japanese cinema with 10 ASEAN countries and Australia. With its expanding reach, the festival extended to China and India in 2017 and Russia in 2018. In 2023, the festival was held in 10 countries, attracting over 120,000 participants, and we expect even more success this year.