Major General Nguyen Trong Binh, Deputy Chief of the General Staff, greets the locals with a warm smile and a wave.
A spectacular military parade showcasing Vietnam’s armed forces, militia members, combatants, officers, and peacekeepers.
Female peacekeepers proudly march in the parade, representing the strength and diversity of Vietnam’s military.
Armed forces in perfect formation parade down Vo Nguyen Giap Street, a testament to their discipline and training.
Female military medical officers, an integral part of the Vietnamese military, participate in the event with dedication and pride.
A heartwarming moment as a soldier shakes hands with a child, bridging the gap between the military and the community.

A powerful image capturing the spirit of unity and camaraderie among the troops.
Female guerrillas from diverse ethnic backgrounds in the northwest region showcase their resilience and contribution to Vietnam’s defense.
Vietnam’s first mobile cavalry police force makes a grand entrance, adding a unique dynamic to the parade.

A breathtaking aerial display by Vietnam’s talented pilots, showcasing their precision and skill.
The armed forces march to the endless applause of grateful residents, a true display of unity and national pride.

A solemn moment as the troops pay tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice, honoring their memory and service.