Savitskaya, the founder of the Golden Pen of Russia National Literary Award, shared her deep affinity for Vietnam and expressed her desire to have her work translated into Vietnamese. The esteemed writer’s affinity for Vietnam was evident in her wish to see her writing, inspired by her visits to the country, accessible to Vietnamese readers.

Demonstrating her commitment to fostering literary connections between the two countries, Savitskaya offered her enthusiasm for collaborative literary and artistic endeavors. She encouraged her Vietnamese and Russian counterparts to actively participate in relevant festivals in both nations, thereby creating a cross-cultural dialogue through their art.

Khalevinsky, in alignment with Savitskaya’s vision, affirmed the Russian side’s support for such joint projects. These initiatives are designed to deepen the understanding and appreciation of Vietnamese and Russian culture and arts among the people of both countries, fostering a rich cultural exchange.

Ambassador Khoi emphasized the longstanding tradition of literary and artistic cooperation between Vietnam and Russia, underscoring the potential for enhancement through collaborative endeavors. He echoed the importance of joint projects in strengthening the cultural bond between the two nations.

As a token of her appreciation, Savitskaya presented the Vietnamese translations of her two works to the embassy, symbolically bridging the literary gap between the two languages.