In the 15 minute-clip called Kab Mob Coronavirus – COVID-19 (How to Prevent Coronavirus – COVID-19), Giang A Be and Khang A Tua talk and explain what COVID-19 is and how to prevent it.

“Since the COVID-19 epidemic began, there has not been much information shared in the Mong language,” said Be. “In my homeland, people are worried about COVID-19. Many of them do not fully understand medical terms, especially old people who do not understand and read Vietnamese language well. So, they cannot fully understand these recommendations.”

Plus, a lot of inaccurate information makes Mong people feel more confused, he said.

Be and Tua know that older Mong people prefer listening and watching rather than reading so they decided to make a clip about COVID-19.

The clip explains what the virus is, where it is from and its symptoms. The clip includes recommendations from the Ministry of Health on disease prevention. The sources are also from WHO and the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention.

During the translation, they faced difficulties because many words are not in the Mong language or are not well-known, such as medical examination; soap; fluid in the lungs and lung infection.

Tua is one of the first students at Fulbright University Vietnam. He is one of five people to be honoured at WeChoiceAward 2019 for inspiring people.

He is also one of the founders of Action for Hmong Development (AHD) while Be is a representative. They hope that the clip will be posted widely on local broadcast stations and other mass media.