Wiz Khalifa collabs with Vietnamese buffalo herdsman the Youtube “phenomenon” on mixtape

Grammy-nominated Wiz Khalifa, the world-renowned American rapper has recently featured Ytiet, a rising YouTuber claiming himself a buffalo herdsman, in his newly-released “Number Song”.


wiz khalifa collabs with vietnamese buffalo herdsman the youtube phenomenon on mixtape
Ytiet (L) and Wiz Khalifa (Photo courtesy of the artist’s facebook)

Accordingly, Wiz Khalifa has remixed Ytiet’s “From 41 to 49” song. “From 41 to 49” strongly impressed netizens with the simple relics, in which Ytiet literally “counts” from 41 to 49 on catchy melody produced by Retro Messiah. The music video was shoot in a rustic village scene, with Ytiet all dressed in casual clothes standing on a damp, moving his body in rhythm with the melody while singing. The breakdance at the end of the video is considered one of the highlighted parts of the song.

The track was released on August 2 and initially raked in over two million views and gained worldwide attention. Last Thursday, Tiet shared on his Facebook page a clip of Justin Bieber vibing to the mixtape, which the Canadian singer previously posted among his Instagram stories, with the caption reading “My idol #justinbieber listens to my song. I am very happy.” There were even a dance cover challenge on Tiktok and Instagram.

From 41 to 49 (Video: Ytiet Offical)

Ytiet recently became an Internet phenomenon after American rapper Snoop Dogg and singer Chris Brown reposted Tiet’s TikTok singing clips on their official Instagram accounts.

However, the collaboration with Wiz Khalifa has been even more phenomenal. Number Song (From 41 to 49), released on September 8, is the third track from a musical project called Big Pimpin’ consisting of 17 mixtapes compiled by Wiz Khalifa. The American rapper is best known around the world for his hit song “See You Again” featuring singer Charlie Puth that appeared in blockbuster “Fast & Furious 7”. Other songs include “Black and Yellow”, “Work Hard Play Hard”, “Remember You”, and “We Dern Boyz”.

(video: Datpiff)

Ytiet’s “From 41 to 49”, however, received mixed reviews from the public. Some viewers commented the lyrics were meaningless, counting only from 41 to 49, with some unsure why it became so popular. Fans hold the song blew up because Tiet has a unique voice and the song has a catchy melody and words easy to remember.

Ytiet was born and raised in Binh Dinh province, central Vietnam who make a livihood from tending buffalos. Before “From 41 to 49”, he was an underrated Youtuber whose videos mainly revolves around simple day-to-day moments like hanging out with friends, playing soccers, cooking or even raising cows. His official Youtube accounts currently has nearly 340 million followers.