Chim Oanh was awarded the first prize at the recent awards ceremony for her work ‘On The Nhu Y River’. The photo captures fishers pulling nets to catch fish on the Nhu Y River in Hue City, central Vietnam. Dang Hoai Anh, her colleague, received the third prize for his photo titled ‘Twilight’. The image depicts workers picking tea early in the morning amidst the cold fog.

Both winning photos were submitted in the ‘People’ category of the professional section of the competition. The annual contest featured photos classified into 20 different categories, including abstract, architecture, cityscapes, conceptual, culture, environmental, fashion and beauty, fine art, landscapes, nature, nudes, people, photojournalism, photomanipulation, and others. The competition was organized by Chromatic Awards.

Winners of the first, second, and third prizes in each category of the professional and amateur sections received winner badges and certificates. Their winning works will be displayed in the Gallery of Winners and the Official Book of Chromatic Awards.

Additionally, there were two grand prizes awarded. The professional section’s Grand Prize and ‘Chromatic Photographer of The Year 2023’ title went to Pierre Larose and Florent Darthout, the French photographer duo for their work ‘Mémoire Habillée.’ In the amateur section, Sebastian Piórek from Poland received the grand prize and the title ‘Chromatic Discovery of The Year 2023’ for his photo ‘Playground.’

Furthermore, the two grand prize winners each received a cash award of US$2,000 and $1,000, respectively.

The annual event aims to provide artists with the opportunity to share their passion and stories through their photographs. It also seeks to promote top photographers worldwide and discover emerging talents, according to the organizers.

‘Mémoire Habillée’ by Pierre et Florent, the winner of the Grand Prize and ‘Chromatic Photographer of the Year 2023’ title in the professional section at the 2023 Chromatic Photography Awards

‘Twilight’ by Dang Hoai Anh, the winner of the third prize in the ‘People’ category at the 2023 Chromatic Photography Awards

‘Playground’ by Sebastian Piórek, the winner of the Grand Prize and ‘Chromatic Discovery of the Year 2023’ title in the amateur section at the 2023 Chromatic Photography Awards