Vietnamese Pop Prince’s documentary hits International Top Trending Lists on Netflix

Son Tung MTP's SkyTour documentary reaches unexpected achievements as it gets way into Netflix international trending list just 24 hours after being released.


According to Lost Bird, Sky Tour: The Movie by Son Tung M-TP was broadcast on a global scale from September 2. This is the first time a piece of Vietnamese documentary music movie has been released in 190 countries and the second music documentary film in Asia to be allowed “on-air” by Netflix globally, after the one produced by Japanese group Arashi.

Due to the strong influence of Son Tung in Vietnam, the film quickly reached the top 1 trending on Netflix homepage. Even more surprisingly, after 24 hours of release, the film climbed to Netflix’s top “Trending now” and the top “Popular on Netflix”, far exceeding the producing team’s expectation.

vietnamese pop princes documentary hits international top trending lists on netflix
SKY TOUR Movie ranked # 1 top trending in Netflix Vietnam (Photo: Netflix)

This is a really proud achievement for the SKY TOUR team in particular and the Vietnamese cinema industry in general. However, this result is not too surprising because Son Tung’s influence on the international market was already formed.

On the list of Popular on Netflix, Sky Tour is ranked 5th, standing next to Dark and Lucifer. In order to be on this list, a movie must have a very high total number of views compared to the total airtime.

Meanwhile, on the Trending Now list, Sky Tour ranked second after Great Pretender, standing ahead of Blue Exorcist and Lucifer, Lost Bird recorded.

vietnamese pop princes documentary hits international top trending lists on netflix
Sky Tour poster in different languages. (Photo: Kenh14)

Speaking of the Son Tung MTP’s influence, Mr. Raphael Phang – the curator of Southeast Asia Content at Netflix said

“Son Tung M-TP’s influence has spread beyond the borders. His music talent not only reaches Vietnamese fans but also the young in other markets outside Southeast Asia. Currently, there are millions of people in Vietnam and other regions that love the music of Son Tung M-TP, so Netflix feels happy to have the opportunity to help him strengthen his connection with audiences by bringing this music documentary to viewers in 190 countries. “And with its current record, it’s clear that Netflix was on the right track when it decided to “open the door” for SKY TOUR Movie, Kenh14 quoted.

vietnamese pop princes documentary hits international top trending lists on netflix
Sky Tour on Netflix trending list. (Photo: Netflix)

Before being broadcast on Netflix, the movie’s posters and banners in different styles and languages were released online. It can be seen that when buying the license to broadcast Sky Tour: The Movie, Netflix has carefully researched the market and the needs of viewers in different countries. This detail not only demonstrates Netflix’s vision but also affirms that Son Tung’s influence has transcended beyond Vietnam’s borders.