Exploring the Captivating Coastal Views of Ca Na

To travel from Ninh Thuan to Binh Thuan, drivers usually choose to go on National Highway No 1. But travel enthusiasts choose another way - the coastal road connecting the city of Phan Rang and Ca Na Port.

Three enchanting beauty spots on the coastal road of Ca Na

Mui Dinh Beach

The coastal road of Ca Na was completed and put into use in August 2017. It is located in the south central coastal area, bordering Khanh Hoa Province in the North, Lam Dong Province in the West, Binh Thuan Province in the South, and the East Sea. The road stretches for about 50 km and connects Phan Rang and Ca Na. It is a popular destination for trekkers.

The purpose of building this road was to connect the two future nuclear power plants in Ninh Thuan province. As a result, tourism development in the area is restricted, and trekkers can enjoy walking on the road with the sea on one side and mountains on the other.

Sand dunes and Mui Dinh beach

The first stop along the coastal road is the sand dunes in Mui Dinh. These white clean sand dunes are located away from the central area, resulting in less garbage compared to other dunes in Phan Rang City.

After exploring the sand dunes, visitors can continue their journey to Mui Dinh Beach. Locals offer all-terrain vehicle rides to the beach, providing a thrilling and adventurous experience as the vehicles navigate the bumpy sand. A round trip on these vehicles costs about VND100,000.

Mui Dinh Beach offers clear water, fine white sand, and various activities such as renting a boat for VND100,000 an hour to explore the area or enjoying kayaking. Visitors can also order food from small beachside restaurants, which offer affordable prices and local specialties such as seafood and grilled rice paper.

Mui Dinh Lighthouse

After having lunch and resting, travelers should not miss the opportunity to climb up to Mui Dinh Lighthouse. Built in 1904, the lighthouse is located on top of Mui Dinh Mount, offering a stunning view of the coast and the surrounding landscape. The path to the lighthouse is steep, taking about 20 minutes to walk or VND50,000 to be carried by locals on a motorbike.

The journey to the lighthouse provides exciting and breathtaking scenes of the Mui Dinh coast, including rugged rocks belonging to Hon Chong Island. From above, visitors can enjoy the beautiful and peaceful scenery while feeling the fresh sea breeze.

Continuing south along the coastal road, travelers will encounter the scenic beauty of the coastline, including the captivating Mui Rua. This spot offers a remarkable view of a giant turtle shape rock formation hugging the beach, created by nature over thousands of years.

Three enchanting beauty spots on the coastal road of Ca Na

Ca Na Salt Field

As travelers continue their journey, they will come across the peaceful fishing village of Ca Na. Known for its history of salt making that dates back over 100 years, Ca Na is home to the largest salt field in the country. The salt field spans tens of hectares along the Ca Na coastline and offers a picturesque view with mounds of white salt glistening under the sun and pink square fields during sunset.

Aside from the salt field, Ca Na also offers beautiful white sand dunes and clear seawater with vibrant coral reefs accessible just 20 meters from the shore. The village is an ideal tourist destination for those seeking natural beauty and a glimpse into the local salt-making tradition.

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