Netflix Strengthens Partnership with Hanoi in Creative Industry

On April 18th, a Netflix-original movie will be released, showcasing the captivating beauty and dynamism of Hanoi in the post-pandemic era.


Global streaming platform Netflix wants to help drive the development of Hanoi into Asia’s creative industry hub, according to Vice President of Public Policy Dean Garfield on April 17. In addition to providing entertainment content for viewers, the company also plans to invest in local productions and connect Hanoi’s filmmakers with international audiences.

Netflix vice president of public policy Dean Garfield (left) meets Hanoi Mayor Tran Sy Thanh on April 17. Photo: Tu Anh/The Hanoi Times

In a meeting with Hanoi Mayor Tran Sy Thanh, the Netflix executive expressed their hope that the partnership between the company and the authorities of Vietnam and Hanoi would become even stronger. They anticipated a closer cooperation in the near future.

Netflix sees Vietnam as a promising market, and the US company is taking the initial steps to establish its presence in the Vietnamese market, Dean said.

He said one of the priorities is to identify a potential partner and an opportunity for long-term growth in Vietnam.

Netflix is looking to bolster the development of the Vietnamese creative industry, according to Dean. By doing so, they hope to drive the growth of the sector and foster a more vibrant culture.

The US executive hoped that Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam and its cultural, political, and economic hub, would provide the necessary suggestions and opportunities the company requires.

He also confirmed that the company would soon hold talks with the capital city to enhance their collaboration with local authorities.

On April 18, Netflix will release a captivating movie titled “A Tourist’s Guide to Love”. This movie has been filmed and produced over the course of two years, offering viewers an exciting and romantic story.

The movie was filmed in a variety of vibrant cities and provinces across Vietnam, including Hanoi and several scenic localities, such as the northern mountain province of Ha Giang and the ancient town of Hoi An in the central province of Quang Nam. These stunning locations provide the perfect backdrop for the movie, offering audiences a glimpse into the unique beauty of the country.

The movie recreates the beauty and dynamics of Hanoi in the post-pandemic stage, Dean said.

He said that it was a great opportunity for Vietnamese filmmakers to learn from the experience of the film crew in shooting this movie.

For his part, Tran Sy Thanh, Chairman of the Hanoi People’s Committee, expressed his appreciation for the company for having shot the movie in Vietnam. He noted that it was a great opportunity for Vietnamese filmmakers to gain valuable insight from the experience of the film crew in shooting this movie.

He welcomed the idea of Netflix turning Hanoi into a hub for the creative industry and promised to provide the best conditions to facilitate the company’s operation.

Mayor Thanh anticipated that Netflix would share its international practices, which could have a significant impact on the amendment of the Capital Law.

Thanh stated that the Capital Law will be presented to the National Assembly in May 2023, where a discussion on private-public partnership (PPP) in cultural projects will take place.

“The amendments of the rule could be a profound foundation for further collaboration between Netflix and Hanoi,” Thanh declared.