At the Seoul Friendship Festival 2023, the Vietnamese Embassy in the RoK set up a booth to showcase Vietnamese culture and traditional cuisine. International friends had the opportunity to experience and indulge in typical Vietnamese foods like “phở bò” (beef noodles) and “nem rán” (fried spring rolls), which have gained popularity worldwide and received much praise.

One of the highlights at the festival was the refreshing taste of Vietnamese “cà phê sữa đá” (iced milk coffee) that caught the attention of both Korean and international diners, especially in the hot summer weather. This beverage became a favorite among the festival-goers.

Vietnamese artists from the Thang Long Music and Dance Theater also captivated the audience with their unique performances during the event. Their artistry attracted a large number of viewers, showcasing the depth and beauty of Vietnamese culture.

The Seoul Friendship Festival has been held annually since its inception in October 1996. However, it was disrupted during the 2020-2022 period due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, the festival made a comeback with the participation of 68 embassies in the RoK. Various activities were organized, including exhibitions on tourism promotion, food, and traditional coffee. Additionally, cultural performances, a photo exhibition on life across the world, a painting exhibition by children, and movie screenings were part of the festivities.