Youngsters Checking in to Hanoi’s Hong Kong-Style Lemon Tea Shop

The Hanoitimes - “Hong Kong in miniature” tea shop is one of the favorite places of the youngsters for check-in in Hanoi.


Situated near the Hanoi Agricultural University, Tra Chanh Xa Doan 1989 is a popular lemon tea shop that boasts a tasteful Hong Kong street style decor. This bustling locale has become a favored spot for young Hanoians to check-in and enjoy their favorite beverages.

The Lemon Tea Shop is situated on Dao Duy Tu street, in the charming Trau Quy town of Gia Lam district. Boasting a retro interior design reminiscent of the vibrant streets of Hong Kong in the 1980s, our shop offers a unique and nostalgic atmosphere. Come and experience the taste of authentic lemon tea with us.

The store occupies two floors, with the first floor depicting a nostalgic Hong Kong street scene reminiscent of 80s motion pictures.

The tea shop evoked nostalgic memories of their childhood, when Hong Kong films and drama series captivated audiences in Vietnam’s TV and cinemas.

Many young individuals opt for corner staircases decorated with numerous pictures and ornamental posters on the wall for photography purposes.

Despite the increasing popularity of the Korean wave, the Hong Kong style has remained timeless, especially in this setting.

The shop’s corridor is adorned with captivating signage, reminiscent of bustling Hong Kong street stores.

The second floor proves to be a popular choice among young individuals seeking a lively atmosphere for socializing and enjoying beverages.

The shop’s bar features authentic Hong Kong-style decorations.

Photos: Bao Tin Tuc