“Music night for Vietnamese children” will be a collaboration project between artists of Ryona Quartet of Japan and the bamboo ensemble Sức Sống Mới of Vietnam. It will also aim to celebrate the 50th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Japan and Vietnam.

Ryoma Quartet consist of four members, Ryoma the violinist, Masakatsu the Tsugaru Shamisen player, Sui the Japanese traditional flute player, and Jin the traditional Japanese drummer.

They are extremely keen to bring Japanese culture to the world through the boundless language of music. The quartet have held successful tours in Spain, Thailand, Malaysia, Bulgaria, and the Republic of Korea, among other countries.

Sức Sống Mới are the only ethnic ensemble in Vietnam that perform detailed composition arrangements for symphony, founded by conductor Dog Quang Vinh. Their genres are diverse, including folk music, traditional music, pop music, and Western chamber music. 

The concert will open for free to audiences on October 8 at the Temple of Literature in Hanoi.

Ticket sales will be for the concert held on October 9 at the Vietnam National Academy of Music.

The proceeds will be used to build a kindergarten school in Muong Dang commune of Muong Ang district in the northern mountainous province of Dien Bien, with the groundbreaking ceremony due to take place in November.