Japanese festival in Hanoi

“Cool Japan Festival 2018”, which was held from November 2-4 as part of the activities to celebrate 45 years of Vietnam-Japan diplomatic ties in 2018, attracted more than 20,000 domestic and international visitors. 

100 booths, which showcased up to 10,000 Japanese consumer products, were in the spotlight at the festival.

The three-day event featured Japanese art performances including umbrella dancing, traditional Kimono dancing, musical pieces by the Tenko drum group and Yosakoi dancing.

A ribbon cutting ceremony marks the opening of “Cool Japan Festival 2018”.

Exciting Yosakoi dance performance.

The festival attracted numerous domestic and international visitors.

A Tenko drum show.

The festival ran from November 2-4 at the Hanoi Children’s Palace.

Visitors take photo in traditional Japanese costumes.

Traditional kimonos provide an enjoyable experience for Hanoians.

The festival also offered visitors a chance to experience the art of tea and learn about origami techniques which is famous around the world. Tourists were also taught by Japanese craftsmen to write amulets for themselves and their families.

Japanese art and culture, traditional games and Japanese cuisine attracted numerous visitors.

With its diverse activities, “Cool Japan Festival 2018” not only left a deep impression on domestic and international visitors, but also set a record for the number of visitors at a cultural event in Hanoi. The success of the event affirmed the connection between the peoples of Vietnam and Japan and the stability of the relationship between the two nations./.

At a booth selling Japanese consumer products.

Many promotional items.

Hanoians have a chance to see popular Japanese consumer products.

Traditional Japanese handicraft products are favored by Vietnamese customers.

Hanoians eagerly participate in the event.

Women enjoy looking for high quality Japanese products.

Fashion and cosmetics products are showcased by 40 Japanese firms.

The festival offers Hanoians a chance to buy many Japanese products.

Story: Bich Van – Photos: Thanh Giang