The 2023 Festival for Vietnamese Craft Village Preservation and Development included an event, at which a significant agreement was signed.

During the signing ceremony, Ta Van Tuong, deputy director of the Hanoi Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, emphasized the importance of the deal in enhancing cooperation between the city and its foreign partners. The agreement aims to contribute to the growth of handicraft industries in the capital while preserving the traditional values and cultural identity of craft villages.

Dr. Kevin Murray, vice president of the World Crafts Council International, commended the development of Hanoi’s craft villages and recognized the capital’s dedicated efforts in conservation work.

He expressed his hope that both sides will soon establish specific plans based on the agreement to enhance cooperation in preserving and developing Hanoi’s craft villages.

Promoting cooperation in the preservation and development of creative craft village models is considered a strategic direction aligned with Hanoi’s policy and the goals of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network, of which Hanoi is a member.