In early January, the Portland Trail Blazers and the Atlanta Hawks faced each other for another game of the great NBA. The match was played at the Moda Center, in Portland, and ended with a 136-131 victory for the Blazers.

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The game played out in an exciting way, with players from both sides scoring their best scores.

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1st Quarter: Anfernee Simons

The first quarter was 36-32 for the Portland Trail Blazers. Anfernee Simons scored 11 points and Norman Powell 10. The team hit 8/16 shots from the perimeter.

On the other side, Trae Young, was simply on fire, with 16 points and five assists.

From this incredible start alone, we already knew that Simons and Young had great chances to be the protagonists of this game. The two showed themselves on fire and hitting many shots.

2nd Quarter: Balance

The scorer of the second quarter alone was 34 x 33 for Portland, which means 70-65 in the game. Nassir Little was the main highlight with nine points, in addition to seven for Powell and six for Jusuf Nurkic and Simons. On the other hand, the Atlanta Hawks saw the lone battle of Trae Young, who scored 13 points.

Playing at home was certainly giving Portland a boost, which managed to stay ahead of the scoreboard and have a balance between its players, not overloading anyone.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t what happened on the Atlanta side. The young point guard, who was recently in the news for his purchase of the trae young house in Oklahoma, was basically being the Hawks’ only weapon.

3rd Quarter: Powerful Comeback

It’s important to say that the game went to halftime with a score of 70-65 for the Portland Trail Blazers.

The 3rd quarter was a turnaround for the Atlanta Hawks, and ended up 40 x 30. Trae Young scored 12 points and Clint Capela, 10. Anyway, Nate McMillan hit his team’s defense and thus managed to turn the score around.

Anfernee Simons had 18 points and was, once again, the highlight of Portland in the 3rd quarter.

4th Quarter: The victory for Portland

Beforehand, the last quarter had the score of 36 x 26, for the Blazers. Definitely, Trae Young got the ball under his arm, scored 15 more points, but it wasn’t enough to secure the atlanta hawks nba victory. On the other side, Nurkic scored 11 points.

Only five Blazers players scored more than 10 points during the game, with Simons standing out with 43 points, his career best, and Powell’s 26. The team hit 18/41 shots from the perimeter.

On the contrary, for the Atlanta Hawks side, only three players were able to score more than 10 points. Highlight for the scorer of the night, Trae Young, with 56, in addition to 11 assists. He was certainly the best player for the Atlanta side and will probably continue making part of the Hawks news for the next few weeks.

Another player from Atlanta that had a good performance was Clint Capela, who scored 22 more points and grabbed 11 rebounds. The team made just 14/41 shots from the perimeter.

What about now?

In summary, the Portland Trail Blazers became 14-22 this season after that match. However, they are already 17-25 after a couple of games more in the season. Their most recent confrontation was against the Washington Wizards and ended with a victory of Portland for 110-115.

With the loss against the Blazers, Atlanta became 16-20 on the season. They are now, however, also 17-25 and are facing a losing streak of 5 games. The next Hawks game will be against the Milwaukee Bucks and they will try to finally end this terrible sequence.

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